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emmi®-life - Black salt

emmi®-life - Black salt

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emmi®-life - Blacksalt - 180g Fill Quantity
10 QP
Health starts in the mouth.

  • no preservatives
  • without artificial colorants
  • without flavour enhancer
  • with no added sugar
  • vegan

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emmi®-life - Black salt
10 QP
Health starts in the mouth!

The old Russian tradition of making black salt was lost in the Soviet years. But now she revives. Black salt is so valuable because it contains important trace elements, more than in ordinary salt, especially calcium, potassium and magnesium, which are important for the human organism. Black salt does not draw as much water into the body as ordinary white salt. The tiny amounts of carbon accelerate the purification, the washing out of toxins from the body and regulate the digestion. The black salt is good for inhabitants of large cities who have to breathe in a lot of carbon dioxide gas.

  • At the next barbecue: As an accompanying decoration, our black salt cuts a good figure at every barbecue party. Stylishly staged and effectively arranged, it gives your dishes a very special character. eating is a visual pleasure too
  • For artfully designed dishes: Sprinkle our black salt over your freshly prepared food before serving as decoration. In this way you give your dishes a very special look that is second to none. IYour guests will be amazed!
  • 1 emmi®-life Black salt incl. salt mill - Filling quantity 180g

Ingredients emmi®-life Black salt:

  • Black salt