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EM-070 - Dental Cleaner - 500ml

EM-070 - Dental Cleaner - 500ml

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EM-070 Dental Cleanser - 500ml
18 QP 

Removes all impurities in the dental area.  

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EM-070 Dental Cleanser - 500ml
18 QP 

Specially developed for cleaning with ultrasound. Removes all impurities, as well as residues of cement and plaster.  

Suitable for: 
Dentures and braces (also stainless stell, precious metals, glass, synthetic materials and procelain).  

1 % to 2% EM-070 (relative to filling level) for cleaning over a period of 3 to 10 minutes.  

Temperature: 0°C - 40°C

Fast and gentle cleaning is guaranteed with a proper application.

Attention - After finishing, thoroughly rinse components with water.

R-Sets: R34; R36 / S-Sätze: S26; S36; S37; S39; S45
CPNP-Reference: 1330841